Sunday, July 18, 2010

We’re getting it done

You might wonder what I mean by that. I’m referring to us moving into our new house. After about a month of hard labor, we’re finally seeing the results. We’re down to the details indoors and outdoors will be progressing in the coming week. I now have a decent place to work with a large desk and my PC right there.

That means it’s time to start going back to normal routine and blog a little. Last week I saw this keynote recording where Scott Hanselman talks about why all developers need a blog and how to make a blog suck less. Although I can come up with reasons why not all developers should have a blog, I do agree with him on the fact that you should engage in some form of social networking over the internet in order to be successful as a developer these days. And the pointers he gives on improving your blog inspired me to finally handle the spam issue I’ve been having here at Developers 42.

I already announced this earlier, but today I have finally turned on comment moderation. This will surely prevent any spam from reaching you as a reader. Unfortunately this also means having a delay between you posting an awesome comment and someone else being able to read that comment. I guess that’s just the way things are, the good having to suffer because of the evil spammers.

Still I hope this doesn’t prevent you from leaving your comments here so we can all interact and learn from one another.

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