Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CodeEmbed4Web Beta 1 Release

Today it is my pleasure to announce to you the release of CodeEmbed4Web Beta 1. This public beta release of my new tool is available for download below.

As written in earlier posts, this tool allows you to copy code from Microsoft Visual Studio or another program that copies it's code in Rich Text Format, convert that code to other formats using predefined templates and then paste that converted code into any other program. The purpose of this tool is to quickly convert source code into publishable formats, like for example HTML, with a minimal effort and without limitation as to where it's going to be used.

With Beta 1, two templates are included:

  • CodeEmbed4WebXml.xslt allows you to get an exact copy of the XML generated by the tool. This enables you to build your own .xslt templates based on example XML files you can generate yourself.
  • ToHtml.xslt allows you to directly convert any code to html, so you can copy it into an html compatible program.
Feel free to add your own templates in the templates folder you find in the installation folder. New templates are automatically added to the tool as it starts up. If the tool is already started, please click the Refresh button that is below the list of templates.
The template you had selected last, will be selected when the tool starts.

Now without further delay, I present you with the download link:

CodeEmbed4Web Beta 1 (.msi)

If you need any support, found a bug, ran into an error, have any questions, suggestions or remarks, or you just want to let me know you are using CodeEmbed4Web Beta 1, please send an email to

Update: Unfortunately I have recieved some reports of CodeEmbed4Web not being able to start. For some reason it throws an exception. I have been able to reproduce this behavior and I am looking into it. As soon as I figure it out, I will let you know. If you have this problem and if you are willing to provide me with some information on this, please send an email to

Update: I've recently fixed the above issue and reposted the setup at the above link. I'll also release a simple patch soon.

I hope you all enjoy this tool and please provide me with feedback.

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